Soil Prep / Grading

Central Texas HydroSeeding also specializes in soil preparation and grading to provide proper drainage and grade to your project. We have experienced operators with specialized equipment for each specific project requirement. From removing existing vegetation and preparing soil for replanting to hauling in fill dirt and sandy loam in order to get the grade and required seed bed for planting, Central Texas HydroSeeding has it covered.

What is soil preparation?

Soil preparation is a process using specialized equipment to property prepare soil substrate in order for vegetation to have the best opportunity to flourish. This could mean adding certain amendments to bring PH in balance or bringing in topsoil in order to mix existing soil. Proper soil preparation is the foundation to any good planting process.

What is soil grading?

Soil Grading is the process of shaping soil in order to have proper drainage with a level top layer. If grading is done properly, water is less likely to pool or channel causing erosion or uneven vegetation establishment.

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We offer complimentary soil testing before every project in order to monitor the PH balance, consistency and makeup of the soil. We then create and execute a comprehensive plan for all soil amendments necessary to establish optimum results. Our goal is to ensure your soil is fertile, well-drained, retains moisture, and gets enough air circulation for healthy and long lasting roots.