What is hydroseeding / hydromulching?

Hydroseeding, also known as hydromulching, is a grass planting process that is more cost effective and efficient than conventional sodding on large areas. The process includes combining a mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, tackifier and dye with the appropriate amount of water and spraying the mixture evenly onto the ground surface to create a blanket effect and enhance growth. learn more

Hydromulching, often referred to as hydroseeding, is a process in which a mixture or “slurry” of fertilizer, grass seed, dye, wood, paper mulch and water is sprayed over the ground to provide erosion control and ensure lush, beautiful grass in just a few weeks. learn more

What is the cost?

Hydroseed / hydromulch is typically about half the price of installing traditional sod. To get a quote for your project, give us a call at (512) 791-4552 or contact us by filling out our form.

How do I care for my newly seeded lawn?

For step-by-step instructions on how to maintain your lawn following our services, download our Care Manual here.

How long before I see results?

You will see results within 14-21 days, though our customers have seen vegetation in as few as 10 days. In warmer months, yards will be ready to mow in 8 weeks. Note: The germination process and vegetation establishment will depend on the proper care after application and time of year. We provide detailed written instructions regarding care and maintenance to every customer.